Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Craft Fair Contemporary Applied Arts year 2

Christmas Craft Fair 14th and 16th December 2010

CAA year 2 class held an extremely successful Christmas craft fair last week at the University of Hertfordshire. Raising £700 !! With a wide array of crafts using mixed techniques from Jewelery, Textiles, and Ceramics. Selling items such as brooches, Christmas cards and decorations, cakes, chopping boards, phone socks and ceramic bottles.
More events to come in 2011 !

Chocolate Jurassic Cake

Seans 21st Chocolate !Chocolate! and more Chocolate !!

Ceramic slip cast bottles

As part of my current project I have been playing with the concept of 'breaking the mould'. Moving away from the perfect shape and letting the clay take its own shape. Breaking free from the norm.


Testing glazes, oxides, metal additions, colouring clay.

Test peices 2

With these samples i was looking at fragility. using metal wire, eyelets and screws to hold the pieces together. Julie Miles was very inspirational as she incorporates wire and organic materials with porcelain.

Test pieces

I was combining wire into porcelain and experimenting with the fragility of the cracked clay and how its the wire holding the piece together. 

 Coloured porcelain slip

Conceal Contain Project

Layered fabric reverse appliqu├ęd and frayed.

Year 1 Contemporary Applied Arts

Mixed media sampling, from felting to glass to shibori to ceramics, to paper making and printing. Work ready for assessment Body project and Narrative Project.

FMP 2009

Final Major Project 2009- mixed media installation.. plaster casts, found objects , plastics, fabrics.

sketches and samples 2009

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Old Neptune Pub Whitstable

Flotsam and Jetsam

One of the many samples from my Final Major Project where i beach combed my local beach Whitstable. Exploring how objects become lost and found, Who they used to belong to? Do they know where it has ended up? ...

Fruit Nest

Art college 2009
Using only natural materials weaving pliable twigs to create the 3D form.

Nest Lamp

about time too...

Well i thought it was about time to get myself a blog and give it ago.